Improved Performance through Coaching, Online Courses, and Intensive Support.  

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Leadership Coaching


Our Transformational Leadership Coaching process offers the greatest opportunity for supporting dynamic leaders. This is a truly bespoke service tailored to the needs, wants and budget of the leader (and their team). 

At its core, is a close partnership relationship based on the principles of the ICF's Master Certified Coach.  That is partnership and co-creation.   

This core relationship has been the heart of our work over the last 20 years.  This impact has been amplified with more recent partnerships with specialists in the areas of health, well being and nutrition.  

As you will see below there's an opportunity to make this as incredible as you can imagine. If you are a successful entrepreneur and would like a full health and well being check before pushing on to your next challenge, we can facilitate anything up to a full MRI scan with some of the UK's top doctors and integrate any recommendations into your quarterly and annual performance plan. 

Most frequently though our starting point is simply a thorough health and well being check.  Of course this is not as thorough but then it also won't cost you £25000!  


Giving Top Support for Your Leaders


TLC can be used to strengthen the leaders as we help them transform their organisations, but it can also be run separately to support a vital leader in your organisation. Sometimes, this is a leader who has run out of steam, other times it’s a leader of great promise who is finding their latest promotion much harder to deliver than expected. Other times, it’s an high potential leader who wants to accelerate even more.

This program transcends the normal “coaching” definition and combines mentoring, coaching and kick ass challenging. Simply, we give you whatever help you need to achieve your goals. Whilst the majority of our work will be face to face, we also use all forms of communication to ensure you generate the momentum you need to get to your desired destination.  Since the pandemic this has obviously been skewed towards online meetings. However, travel and quarantine permitting, we are happy to travel at least for the first interactions. 


The Entrepreneurial “Have it All” TLC Program

Our inspiration for creating this program was seeeing far too many entrepreneurs take more care of their companies than they did themselves and their families.  See it as TLC to the MAX! This is a truly bespoke service that helps you to align what you value most and turn them into your most important priorities.

Through the last 10 years or so of intensive research, we have come across some truly amazing therapies, protocols and approaches for improving performance and life experience. This program typically runs in 6-12 month cycles and is designed to help you reach truly transformational and even transcendent levels of flourishing in your whole life. We get deep into purpose and values and help you to find even better ways to ensure this permeates your whole life. The cost of this program is determined by your ambition, but we guarantee you’ll be delighted with the results.

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Health Test

The Best Health Tests We Can Find

We have a series of initial assessments to help raise the awareness of the leader we are supporting. We also recommend a number of health tests to help you see exactly how much your current approach to leading and living has cost.

The actual tests depend upon the leaders’ own personal situation (including family history). However, there are a few introductory tests we have found deliver value to everyone in a leadership position. We recommend an initial core health markers and DNA tests (with a focus on health and well- being). Additional options include cardiac markers, vitamin and mineral levels, and GI Tract. For people who are utterly indispensable to the organisation we can arrange full MRI scans.

These tests can lead to genuinely bespoke wellness and fitness programs that are as unique as your people. Results from this level of support can be astounding.


Courses- Online and Onsite

Our courses have all been redesigned for optimum online learning!  Our preference is to combine presentations, time for implementation and group and/or individual coaching.  Given the absence of travel time we can make them an optimal length for digestion and application (two 2 hours or less in most cases.)

Our core offering is our Smarter Stress program. This integrates the useful aspects of normal resilience work with the tools and techniques to deliver improved performance and superior wellbeing outcomes. 

We've helped some of the world's most demanding organizations. This makes us confident we will have the skills to meet your needs and fit your context. Each programme addresses your key challenges in changing behaviours and habits. From our experience as service providers and as purchasers, we know the challenges of establishing new habits. We work hard to ensure that your people enjoy working with us and, most importantly, are able to improve their performance by applying what they learn. 

Test, Prove, then Coach.

For major projects, we prefer to work with one department or team to apply the learning and improve their performance.  Not only does this ensure we were on the right track but it helps deliver short term goals and so the courses start paying for themselves almost immediately. Further, it accelerates the adoption of ideas during the roll out as the rest of the organisation can see the ideas work before they are taught them. 

Organisation and Team Transformation. 

Organisation/Team Transformation (OTT) offers the deepest level of involvement in helping your organisation succeed. There is a major consultancy element, course delivery and one-to-one coaching. We do everything we can to help you deliver improved results in the 4 Ps- people, purpose, process and profit. If your business is experiencing serious challenges and you need to transform performance rapidly, this could be for you. If you are a leader in an organization currently delivering satisfactory performance, this is definitely for you!

Test and Engage

Our organisational transformation usually begins with a values assessment and a test project in a key part of your organisation to truly understand the challenges and capabilities you are facing. This allows us to align and integrate your best ideas with ours to build an internal team to lead the transformation from the inside. The best part of our approach here is that our “fact finding” is structured in such a way that it generates momentum and capacity for the larger change effort.

Clients who engage ALP Partners at this level are looking for things like a team turnaround, merger help, business expansion and system wide transformation.