Act Brilliantly and Decisively in Stressful Situations 






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We are ALP Partners - The Experts in Stress

Your role as a leader has never been more important.
Your potential contribution never more significant.
Our mission is to help you contribute more than you ever imagined. 

We Help in 3 Ways

Executive Help and Coaching

We offer world class coaching and support to you and your team. We are highly action and outcome focused.

Individual/Team Development

We offer a hybrid online and in person approach to developing your people. 

Organisation Transformation

We combine all we do to help you transform and even turn around your organisation. We use values and engagement to generate long lasting change. 

Breakthrough Performance

We help you to deliver breakthrough performance whether you are facing a turnaround, transition or transformation situation.

We promise remarkable results fast with one of the fastest ROI cycles you will ever see. We are so confident in our approach that we are happy to work for a small retainer and an earn out deal.

Breakthrough Performance

Meet Jonathan, ALP's Founder. 

I advise, consult and invest in companies experiencing  disruptive change. I work only in fast moving situations. This could be a "positive" situation for a fast growth company struggling to keep up with their opportunities or a "negative "situation where a company needs to transform or turn around quickly or face severe consequences. 

Read my story...

Chris Poole

“Jonathan is a talented coach who has the knack to inspire people to realise their latent potential. He combines technical expertise with a relaxed but focused manner - you want to work with him.”

-- Chris Poole, Research Managing Vice President at Gartner

Carl Duda

"Jonathan does a great job of working with you to maximize the output of your businesses largest asset: your people! He is by far the best business consultant I have worked with!"

-- Carl Duda, Pharmaceutical Sales


"Working with Jonathan has deepened my ability to handle tough situations and successfully navigate through increasingly challenging situations."

-- RW, Strategy Consultant, Boston, USA

Some of the Companies We Have Helped. 

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