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Episode 12: Cultivating the Art and Science of Success.

coaching leadership podcast Oct 13, 2021

Welcome to week 12 of the Art and Science of Success podcast.

Thank you for your involvement so far.  The aim when we set up the podcast was to offer some free help and support for leaders coming out of the pandemic. Your feedback suggests we have done that. Thank you.

Some of the conversations this week have been with friends and clients with the theme – “Great, and what should/can I focus on right now?” so that is what we are going to focus on.

In this 30 min podcast, I review some of the main points and share some questions we are helping clients with. There’s a clear recovery/preparation focus in what we are doing. For some clients we are offering health screening and personalised performance plans, for others it’s boosting their resilience work so that their people will be able to tackle what ever comes their way in the next six months. 

Here’s the key talking points.

00.00     Welcome and what’s your story?

02.30     The Man Who Could Fly.

05.50     Values matter even more and becoming a 3C leader.

07.00     Create a shared positive focus with your people.

10.00     How can you ensure your past is perfect preparation for today’s challenges?

13.00     How can you boost any resilience work in your organisation?

17.00     If in doubt, build relationships and be with people you want to emulate.

19.30     How can you increase courage to do what is necessary?

22.00     We can make Post-traumatic growth more likely than PTSD.

23.30     Some questions to consider as you prepare for the next 6 months

29.00     The “soft stuff” gets you through hard situations.  

30.00 Thank you and Close.

I will send out the final summary email at the end of the week.


Best wishes,