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Episode 5: Develop Courageous Leaders, Build your Team, Serve Others, and Attract an Amazing Advisory Board.

podcast Aug 17, 2021

Welcome to the fifth episode of "The Art and Science of Success." This is part two of our interview with retired Brig General Tom Kolditz, executive director of the Anne and John Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice U in Houston, Texas.

In this episode, Tom continues with his advice and experience for leading people out of lockdown. We start with Tom’s research on perhaps the biggest issue in leadership today - cowardice - caused by excessive self interest. 

He gets into how he developed a truly amazing team and has an extraordinarily simply policy for increasing the likelihood of a successful hire. He also talk about psychological safety and how he creates it (and sometimes fails to). And how he has created a mentoring network for himself and the institute.  Hope you enjoy it.

Here’s the detail of the interview.

2.10 – The number one leadership problem? Cowardice (defined as excessive self interest) instead of courage– why leaders do bad things and what we can do about it.  

5.30 – How Tom applies service to others in his role developing leaders.

8.56 – Arizona Airspeed parachute team – from the best individuals to the best team

7.16 – How can you get your people to commit to serving/helping the organisation first?

10.00- What qualities should you look for when recruiting people?

15.30 – Perhaps the funniest and most useful test for recruiting top team players to your team!

16.40 – Psychological Safety – how to create it (and how not to).

23.20 – Addressing bullying and harassment – fulfilling the leader’s duty.

27.15 – how Tom’s Institute is turning “competitors” into collaborators. More and better leaders- everywhere.

30.30 – The Extraordinary Board of the Institute including Klaus Schwab, Jim Collins, Colin Powell, Al Gore, and Wendy Kopp.

35.00 – Creating a demand for your services – how students are now coming to Rice for the leadership.

38.00 – Why are you optimistic about the future?

42.00 - What advice do you have for people working in an unsupportive or toxic environment?

44.00 - Focus on contribution as seen through the people you impact.  

Hope you enjoy it.