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Fred Harrison (Part III) – Having the best ideas for the many makes no difference if “The Few” don’t like it

podcast May 15, 2021

In 1990, Fred had an opportunity to work with the former USSR as it transitioned from a communist economy. All assets were in state hands so it would seem that having an economic system built for the people would be an obvious choice. It was obvious and so it was stopped. As Fred explains, having a successful and fair economy went against the economic interests of the few.

Closer to home, Fred lobbied the Blair government, who were claiming they wanted to chart a “Third Way.”  As you will learn, they wanted nothing of the sort and so they presided over the largest economic collapse in generations. Having faced the reality of a political elite who was not interested in doing the right thing, Fred explains what he did next.

Fred Harrison's The Power In The Land, 2nd edition, is now available as an eBook: