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Episode 1: Reduce Stress and Increase Happiness in Tough Times

podcast Jul 19, 2021

Practical lessons for reducing stress and increasing happiness from Dr Fred Luskin, Head of the Stanford University Forgiveness Project. 

Dr Fred Luskin has been at Stanford University for nearly 25 years. During that time he’s specialised in the research and practice of reducing stress, increasing happiness and most recently and famously forgiveness.

Whilst rooted in research he has a practical focus on stress, happiness and forgiveness. He is a pioneer in the science of happiness and the practice of secular forgiveness.

He’s written many papers and numerous books including Stress Free for Good (with Dr Kenneth R. Pellitier and Forgive for Good.  He emphasises constantly that if the value of a house in in location, location, location – then the value of an idea or tool is practice, practice, practice.