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Episode 2: What do leaders in extreme situations need to succeed? (Part 1)

podcast Jul 26, 2021


Welcome to the second episode of “The Art and Science of Success”

Today we're speaking with Professor Mike Matthews, a military psychologist who has been at the US Military Academy West Point for over two decades. He is, to my knowledge, the most published military psychologist in the world, having written literally hundreds of academic papers. I've been privileged to know Mike for over 10 years and his openness, patience and friendship has been of immense help to me, both as I recovered from my own burnout and as I helped clients deal with challenging situations.

In this episode, Mike shares with as his experience and how he became a military psychologist. He explains the research and practice of how we can prepare for and even thrive in tough situations. So even if you're a little skeptical about what the military can teach you about leading in business, have a listen. It’s worth it I promise.

Listen to the entire episode to learn about Professor Mike Matthews and how to succeed in extreme situations. Let us know how much you are enjoying the show. Rate and review before the next episode!

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Notable Work.

Mike’s written over 200 academic papers. The most famous is

“The Grit Paper” with Angela Duckworth, Chris Peterson and Dennis Kelly.

Here’s Mike’s Amazon page (UK) -


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